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  • Bathtub Splash Guard – from $490

  • Swing Tub Door and Panel – from $1’100

  • Euro Panel Tub Doors – from $1’100

  • Bi-Fold Tub Doors – from $1’360

  • Sliding Bathtub Doors – from $1’390

Prices Include Standart Delivery & Installation!*


  • Any custom size & shape
  • Glass thickness from 1/4″ to 3/4″. Most common – 3/8″ and 1/2″
  • Only high-quality tempered glass
  • Largest selection of hardware from C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. (CRL)
  • Free consultation and measurement
  • 5 business days delivery in New York and New Jersey
  • Professional installation of your tub shower doors


  • Any custom glass design and color, including clear and starphire glass (so-called ultra clear, or low-iron)
  • Any custom glass texture and pattern – acid-etched, sandblasted, frosted, rain etc.
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    Our prices starting as low as $490*

    with standard delivery and installation!

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    When installing a bathtub in your private home, a shower door might be the last thing you are thinking of. After all, why would you want to limit your space by adding an extra layer between you and the bathroom, right? Shower doors for tubs seem like another step in your washing experience—what’s the purpose of a door when you are in the tub? You might be thinking that this unnecessary addition would only decrease your space.

    Here’s where you are wrong: our tub shower doors come in different shapes and sizes, which means you can always come in and decide which one is the right one for your special bathtub.

    If you’re thinking that this addition is unnecessary precisely because it seems like an expensive upgrade, think again. Our company specializes in creating glass products that are beautiful and affordable, without sacrificing its functionality.


    Tub shower doors are a practical choice for every kind of home, and here’s why:


    Waterproofing ability: When you install a tub shower door, you won’t have to worry about water spilling over to the floor. Gone are the days when you had to think about spending the next minute mopping your bathroom floor. Our glass doors are built to keep the water right where it’s supposed to be, without being intrusive to your private space.

    Invisibility: By non-intrusive, we mean invisible. If you own a bathtub, you will have to go for frameless tub doors by default because this is the only frame design that can adopt to the bathtub’s dimensions. When you’re worrying about space, think of it this way: how can something invisible make your room look smaller? You won’t feel that it’s there, aside from the fact that you have drier floors than ever.

    Functionality: Bathtub and tub shower doors are usually built with the function to slide across your tub, allowing you to open and close the space with ease. You allow yourself to create a personal space within your tub that you simply can’t recreate with curtains, because the solidity of tub shower doors adds an extra layer of privacy when you are trying to fall into that perfect state of bathtub relaxation. The psychological element of something as seemingly insignificant of the tub shower door is crucial towards creating that total relaxation that you need in your tub after a long day—it muffles the noise outside, creates a sense of a personal inside, and allows you to be completely alone.

    When choosing your own tub shower door, it’s important to consider these three things: bathtub design, bathtub space, and bathroom space. Once you understand how to play around with these factors, selecting your glass bathtub door will be an enjoyably quick and painless process. With just this simple addition to your bathroom and bathtub, you can add a sense of style and elegance to your space while paying an affordable cost. If you have already invested in a bathtub, why not complete the experience? Shop for your tub shower door today.

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