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As they say, a happy employee is a productive employee. It doesn’t take much to make your people happy, so why not invest in office glass walls today? Quick to set up, easy to move around, and extremely affordable for all types of office glass walls, there’s no better deal you can find.


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  • Any custom glass color, including clear glass, starphire glass, solid color, or tinted glass.
  • Any custom glass design and pattern – back-painted, covered with a printed image, sandblasted etc. You name it, we have it!
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    Our prices starting as low as $40/sq.feet

    with a standard delivery and installation!

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    The most important thing in the office is productivity—as a business owner, it is your priority that your office is creating the best environment to get the most productivity from your employees. But one thing that is ruining productivity in a lot of modern offices is how crowded offices are becoming. With more and more people working and taking up the office space, employees will feel restless, bothered, and they won’t be able to get into the zone necessary to give you the best output possible. Less employee satisfaction means less business for you.

    Office glass walls solves this problem. With a simple installation, you can set up an entire system of office glass walls and glass office dividers that will you’re your employees the privacy and personal space that they need to be at their best. You maximize your office space without sacrificing the visual element of your office. With just an easy and affordable system of office glass walls, your open floor office will become equipped with a much more professional vibe, attracting better employees and making current ones happier.


    A few of the benefits office glass walls will provide you


    Office Productivity Like Never Before: Office glass walls gives your employees their “me” space, without dividing your office into several sections. Psychologically this is important for everyone, especially when you need them to be at their best. It also prevents unnecessary chatter—with everyone divided into their own area, there will be less time-wasting, less mingling, and more general satisfaction, as each employee will be able to regulate his own noise, temperature, and general environment. When you can control the world around you, you are better suited to controlling yourself.

    Your Office Remains Visually Maximized: The problem with individual offices and barriers is that you end up cutting the office into several smaller parts. Not only is this displeasing to the eye, since you no longer see a large open environment, but this is also displeasing psychologically—we are more likely to feel trapped when we are in smaller places. The community feel of the office isn’t sacrificed for privacy, allowing individuals and individual teams the ability to talk amongst themselves without separating them from the office. Secondly, you can still keep an eye on your employees through the glass partitions, making sure that everyone is doing their job instead of slacking off.

    Over the last few years, the demand for office glass walls and glass office dividers has skyrocketed, and it’s no surprise to anyone who works in the modern office as to why. With their added benefits of light and privacy, they are essential for your average cramped office, in enhancing productivity and general employee happiness.

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