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  • Clear Glass Shower Doors – from $890

  • Ultra-Clear (Starphire) Glass – from $1’070

  • Frosted Glass Shower Doors – from $1’100

  • Etched Glass Shower Doors – from $1’180

  • Colored Glass Shower Doors – from $1’600

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  • Any custom size & shape
  • Glass thickness from 1/4″ to 3/4″
  • Only high-quality tempered glass
  • Largest selection of hardware from C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. (CRL)
  • Free consultation and measurement
  • 5 business days delivery in New York and New Jersey
  • Professional installation of your glass shower doors
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  • Any custom glass design and color
  • Any custom glass texture and pattern
  • Door type – sliding, swing, bi-fold, walk-in, splash guard, cut-out, single, euro panel
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    Our prices starting as low as $890*

    with standard delivery and installation!

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    Quick Free Estimate

    Selecting a glass style is the final step in building your custom-made glass door, and it’s definitely the most exciting part as well! There is no one design to a glass door. You can go for all kinds of shapes, colors, and textures. But these elements aren’t just for visual purposes. The styles we offer can be mixed together to create a bolder statement. But that’s not all: you can use some of their unique characteristics to hit two birds with one stone—design and function.

    When choosing your glass door style, here are some things that you might want to consider before placing an order:

    - How big is my shower area?
    - Do I need to establish privacy in my bathroom? Am I sharing this space with other people?
    - Will this design complement my bathroom’s current style?
    - How will this style affect the ambiance of my bathroom?
    - Do I want to make my bathroom look smaller or bigger?

    Your glass shower design is perhaps the hardest thing to change once it’s already been installed. While you can ask our team to make adjustments when it comes to the other elements, the design is pretty much set in stone once we apply patterns, colors, and textures on your glass door. You might end up changing your mind when you see it in your very own bathroom. To avoid this, make sure that the style you are picking is something that you really want. You can always take photos of the designs you think would suit your bathroom and mull over it until you reach a final decision. When in doubt, ask one of our creative team members for help. Great advice on aesthetics is free, so you better use it before it’s too late!


    Clear Glass Shower Doors

    Does simplicity really mean beauty? Our clear glass shower doors say yes. The clear glass door is the best product when you want to optimize your bathroom space: the absence of other elements won’t trick the eye into thinking that it is taking up more space. It actually does the exact opposite. As something that is transparent, installing clear glass is similar to putting up an invisible protective wall around your shower space. Plus, its non-intrusive design makes your bathroom seem less crowded than it actually is. You get the division that you want, without separating your bathroom into more distinct sections. The clear glass shower door blends right in your walls, and is an easy way to set up boundaries without drawing visible lines.

    What’s more, it’s easy to detect spots on your clear shower doors, making it simpler to clean and maintain. Worried about cracks? We are too. This is why we fashion your doors out of strong glass panels that are scratch-resistant, built to withstand all sorts of pressures so you can enjoy the simplicity and beauty of your glass door for a long time.

    As the ultimate modern upgrade, you won’t have to think about how relevant your design is to the current trends. When you go for clear glass, you commit to timelessness. There is no longer any need to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not in the world of design because this style defies exactly that expectation.


    Frosted shower doors

    When you want the simplicity of clear glass and the privacy etched shower doors can offer, you can make both ends meet by going for frosted shower doors. Our customers usually think that these are the ones with rougher textures, and it’s our job to tell you firsthand that it’s not. Frosted shower doors aren’t what you might think they are. Instead of a grainy texture, these shower doors are often referred to as “privacy shower doors” or “shower doors with privacy glass” because they have a smooth opaque design that makes bath time a little more intimate. Still not getting the picture? Think back to a cold morning. This style owes its name to what frosted windows look like when it’s snowy outside.

    Our company understands that privacy and beauty should be of equal footing, and so we give you the chance to play with how to implement this design on your door. Whether you want to make the entire door frosted, or if you want just the middle section of it coated with privacy glass, our company create variations of the style you have chosen to suit all your bathroom needs.


    Etched Shower Doors

    Simple designs aren’t made for everyone, which is why we give you the option to choose your own design for yourself. You can customize our etched shower doors to your own liking. Want a pattern? An image? A landscape? It’s easy to talk through the design process with our creative team as they are experts not only in creating glass, but also manipulating them. Think of the glass as our canvas, and us the painters. Just let us know what you want to see on your door and we’ll come up with various designs until we get the right one for you.

    Other than distinct patterns, there are two other kinds of etched shower doors that are simpler than their customizable counterparts:

    If you want something less elaborate, you can also go for rain glass shower doors. True to its name, this style looks like splats of rain on your door. Though simpler than most etched door designs, this effect of capturing rain gives you a suitable texture when you’re hoping for more privacy, while still giving your glass that extra flair.

    Hammered glass shower doors provide the most privacy among the three glass door styles. The texture looks extremely grainy which acts as a great camouflage for your bathroom door. It’s the design where objects beyond it look pixelated, and only a vague shape can be detected, while still being clear enough for you to clearly perceive colors and receive light.


    Colored Glass Shower Doors

    People who go for colored glass shower doors are often the most creative ones. Tired of transparent glass? Hoping to spice up your bathroom by adding a nice tint to it? Then colored shower doors are perfect for you. It’s an effortless way of adding life into your bathroom. The colors can go anywhere from dull to vibrant—the choice is completely up to you. You can select various colors and combine them to your liking according to our diverse color palette.

    When you get bored of just color, you can easily mix and match that pop of color with other elements. It’s possible for you to get a green etched shower door, or a completely clear black shower door.

    In order to get the best out of our colored glass shower doors, we ensure that the chemicals we use to paint our glass products are safe enough for daily contact, provoking no harmful chemical reaction with its contact to water or other forms of liquid. Don’t let the color fool you—our colored glass panels are still built to repel water and stay vibrant through the test of time and rigorous cleaning.

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