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When installing handrails around and within your building, you may ask yourself, “Why should I bother with glass handrails?” You may find more affordable options in other material, though the truth is the price isn’t really that much of a difference; in some cases, glass handrails are actually cheaper than certain other materials.


  • Any custom size & shape
  • Glass thickness from 3/8″ to 3/4″
  • Only high-quality tempered glass
  • Largest selection of hardware from C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. (CRL)
  • Free consultation and measurement
  • 5 business days delivery in New York and New Jersey
  • Professional installation of your glass handrails
  • Options

  • Any custom glass color, including clear glass, starphire glass, solid color, or tinted glass
  • Framed or frameless glass handrails
  • Any custom glass design and pattern – back-painted, covered with a printed image, sandblasted etc. You name it, we have it!
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    Our prices starting as low as $36/sq.feet

    with a standard delivery and installation!

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    Glass handrails are the perfect mix of functionality and design. Glass handrails show a level of effort in your building design that raises the value of your area exponentially. Not only do glass handrails perform the functionality required of the traditional handrail, but they do it while looking great. So why get glass handrails?


    Glass Handrails Offer A Beautiful And Simplistic Design: There’s no question about it. Glass handrails give you a look of modern elegance. With just a tiny investment, you can upgrade your house and make all your neighbours and friends jealous.

    Glass Handrails Are Functionally Sleek: Glass handrails perform exactly the function required. Whether it’s glass handrails for stairs or frameless glass handrails, you won’t have any problems at all with whether or not your handrails are working. Another benefit you find from glass handrails (like in most glass products) is the low maintenance and affordability of it—glass is much easier to clean and maintain than other materials, and if it ever needs to be repaired, the cost will generally be much lower than other types of materials.

    Glass Handrails Maximize Light And Visibility: While handrails made from other materials are generally dark and completely solid, glass handrails are exactly the opposite. Glass handrails enhance any outdoor setting, turning it from a normal park, pool, parking lot, or anything else, and giving it a frame and a touch of beauty, for a much cheaper cost than you would expect. It catches and reflects the light, adding an overtone of brightness over your area, and making it easier for people to see where the handrails are. Any elegant interior or exterior area is instantly upgraded with the presence of sleek and shiny new glass handrails.


    If you are installing new handrails for your house or business area, you can’t go wrong with the glass handrails. With several designs and several different types, there will always be a choice that its you and you alone—so why not find that choice today? Figure out which glass handrail is best for you and order it now.

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