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If you want to make your place look classier and finer for a minimum budget and low effort, glass floors and glass flooring panels are the way to go. Find the design and shape that’s right for you, and upgrade your environment now.


  • Any custom size & shape
  • Only high-quality tempered glass
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  • Any custom glass color, including clear glass, starphire glass, solid color, or tinted glass.
  • Any custom glass design and pattern – back-painted, covered with a printed image, sandblasted etc. You name it, we have it!
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    Our prices starting as low as $100/sq.feet

    with a standard delivery and installation!

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    There may be nothing that looks more decadent in the modern world than the glass floor. While some may fear that these are easy to break, glass floors are actually incredibly durable, when they are made right. Our company creates the best glass floors that can withstand more weight than you can put on it, making it a reliable material to install in your floor that will last for decades.

    Traditionally, you would only see glass floors in boats or large, tall buildings, to allow for better viewing of what may be beneath. But these days, the demand for glass floors has skyrocketed, as glass floors have become more affordable and also generally much safer than they once were. Here are a few reasons why glass floors have become all the rage over the last few years.


    Glass floors are aesthetically pleasing: Like every usage of glass, the glass adds a touch of beauty that can’t be achieved with any other material out there. No matter how high-quality and how elegant your wood, brick, or metal may be, glass will always outshine it (figuratively and literally), because of its transparent and bright appeal which lets light pass through it with ease. The overall atmosphere of a place is absolutely lifted with the presence of glass floors, making a place more attractive than it previously was.

    People generally appreciate the additional light source shining through the glass and bouncing off of it, and they will enjoy walking around it and on top of the glass floors. Not only that, but the glass floor will make the room appear bigger, through a very simple optical illusion. We see more space, and even though that space isn’t accessible, it feels accessible, and we can’t get enough of that.

    It’s completely customizable: The best benefit of glass floors is that every piece you get will be customized to your specific location and your specific need. This means that you can always be assured that your glass floors are optimized for you and you alone, because it was made with your needs in mind. Not only that, but this also means that you can be as creative as you want to be when it comes to creating your glass floors. Any shape, any design, and any style—all of these are doable, and the only limit? Your imagination. Maybe it’s time to show off a bit of your personality through your glass floors.

    Glass floors are great for your heating: The temperature can get really cold at times, and proper insulation is essential towards keeping a warm and cozy environment. Glass floors are great for insulating your room, because glass is one of the worst conductors you can find from most materials.

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