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A nice and well-made solid glass countertop is an investment that you can never go wrong with. We do our best to keep our prices low while keeping our quality exactly what you need it to be—shop for your glass countertop today.


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  • Any custom glass color, including clear glass, starphire glass, solid color, or tinted glass.
  • Any custom glass design and pattern – back-painted, covered with a printed image, sandblasted etc. You name it, we have it!
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    Our prices starting as low as $40/sq.feet

    with a standard delivery and installation!

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    The kitchen counter in your home is the centerpiece of your kitchen. It is where all your dishes are prepared, where your food will be placed, and where your family will gather around throughout the day for several years to come. And the most important part to remember? The kitchen counter is one of the most expensive parts of the average kitchen.

    Equipping your kitchen with the right counter to suit you takes time and money. It’s definitely a decision that you didn’t take lightly—it will be the first thing you see every time you walk into the kitchen for years and years to come.

    With your counter being such a huge investment to your kitchen, and since you will always see it every time you are in the kitchen, why wouldn’t you equip it with a glass countertop?

    Our glass countertops do two main things that you will appreciate forever—they keep your counters safe from damage and they make your counters a thousand times more pleasing to look at. The glass countertop may actually be one of the best investments for glass in your home, because of the strategic placement of the glass: being in the kitchen where you will have to have bright lights to cook, the glass countertop will add layers of stunning beauty to your kitchen almost effortlessly. The glass countertop is a huge layer of glass that will capture your kitchen’s bright lights and bounce it back out, making your kitchen not only a more pleasing environment but also one that will be effortlessly brighter, for an affordable cost.


    What else does the glass countertop do? Read for yourself:

    Low maintenance, low damage: The counter comes in contact with a lot of different substances, and considering its large size, it’s not always easy cleaning everything up. You might miss a spot here or there, and sooner or later you will have damage of the sort that you never wanted—staining, damage from heat, damage from moisture, and mold. And if you go for tempered glass counters, you will have the easiest time cleaning. If you have never owned a large counter before and this is your first time, we have one tip: don’t underestimate the amount of work you will be doing every single day wiping it down, back and forth. The glass counter makes it much easier to clean, and makes your life easier.

    Your counter, your design: When you choose a counter, you are stuck with the design you chose for years, until you decide to replace your counter. Glass for countertops gives you an extra choice—you get to pick what design you want and how you want your kitchen to look, at a price that won’t break the bank. We offer countless designs that will fit any theme or style you may want, and you’ll be happy to see your counter every time you walk in the kitchen.

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