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When designing your kitchen, you can fall into the trap of thinking only about utility and function. But it’s important to remember that your kitchen will be a big part of your home life for years if not decades to come. You need more than just utility and function—you need to add injections of your own personality.


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    Our prices starting as low as $45/sq.feet

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    The glass backsplash is a great opportunity to express your own taste and creativity in, while also offering an advanced piece of protection that some may forget. Glass backsplash for kitchen is essentially the area above your sink and counter. It’s a very easy way to add color, life, and your own creativity to your kitchen while keeping the prices low, since most glass backsplash for kitchen can be bought at an affordable price.


    So what does the glass backsplash do for you?

    Here’s a short list of its functionality:

    It keeps your walls safe from spills: Whether you are cooking a big dinner for your family and friends or just washing your hands, there is always the danger of water and other liquids seeping behind the counter and the sink. These other liquids could include cooking grease, soap, and bits of food that you may have forgotten to clean up. So you might ask, “What’s wrong with a few spills back there? It’s not like anyone can see it anyway.” The problem is that it will destroy your wall. How?

    Kitchen backsplash protects your walls from mold: That’s right—when you end up spilling and dripping liquids behind your sink and counter for too long, eventually mold and other unwanted substances will begin to grow. And for anyone who’s ever owned a home or apartment before, you know that mold isn’t good news. You may end up having to tear down and replace your wall completely, which could end up costing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Now why would you want that? The backsplash for kitchen prevents this from happening.

    Kitchen backsplash aligns your counter properly with your wall: For those of you who are obsessed with the finer details, you’ll be happy to know that the kitchen backsplash can fill the gap that is left when your counter is attached against your wall. The reason why there will almost always be a gap is because the counter’s tiles are usually not cut with your specific wall in mind, especially if they weren’t custom made. This gap can be very aesthetically displeasing to many of us—thankfully, the kitchen backsplash hides this from view and stops the problem.


    Adding a backsplash to your kitchen will make your kitchen a better place for the family to be. With countless types of kitchen backsplash, you will never run out of options. Whether you choose colored glass backsplash for that extra bit of color, or back painted glass kitchen backsplash to add a touch of sleekness to your kitchen, there will always be an affordable backsplash that will fit you.

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