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Shower & Sauna Doors


Glass Shower Doors

Once you get a glass shower door installed in your own bathroom, you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time. We create glass shower doors that are safe, long-lasting, and economical to make sure you get a deal out of every penny. If you want your bathroom to get a modern vibe and the illusion of more space, the glass shower door is perfect for you.


Tub Shower Doors

When choosing your own tub shower door, it’s important to consider these three things: bathtub design, bathtub space, and bathroom space. Once you understand how to play around with these factors, selecting your glass bathtub door will be an enjoyably quick and painless process. With just this simple addition to your bathroom and bathtub, you can add a sense of style and elegance to your space while paying an affordable cost.


Steam Shower Doors

The installation of steam rooms might already be a luxury, and the thought of getting proper doors to keep the room steaming might send you away. Extra costs? Not necessarily. As our company focuses on affordable quality material, we create steam room doors that are guaranteed to keep the temperature up, without breaking the bank.


Sauna Doors

We go to the sauna because we want to relax and the woody feel of the dry bath adds up to the luxuriousness of the place. Who says the door has to be an exception? When you recreate your sauna and upgrade your door to a glass one, you give your sauna a more modern touch, without putting actual effort to it. Because the glass is just an irresistible piece on its own that is incredibly flexible, our glass doors will easily blend into any theme and layout of your sauna.

Residential Glass Solutions


Glass Backsplash for Kitchen

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen will make your kitchen a better place for the family to be. With countless types of kitchen backsplash, you will never run out of options. Whether you choose colored glass backsplash for that extra bit of color, or back painted glass kitchen backsplash to add a touch of sleekness to your kitchen, there will always be an affordable backsplash that will fit you.


Glass Tabletops

The glass tabletop is one of the many glass additions you can add to your home. For just a small cost, you can convert any normal table to one that is protected by a sleek and shiny piece of glass. Not only would you protect your table from scratches and bumps, but you would add an extra touch of class to your home.


Glass Countertops

Glass countertops do two main things that you will appreciate forever—they keep your counters safe from damage and they make your counters a thousand times more pleasing to look at. The glass countertop may actually be one of the best investments for glass in your home, because of the strategic placement of the glass: being in the kitchen where you will have to have bright lights to cook, the glass countertop will add layers of stunning beauty to your kitchen almost effortlessly.


Glass Shelving

When it comes to glass shelving, it can be difficult to see at first the cost-efficiency of the product. But the truth is glass shelves are an incredible cost-efficient investment for your home. Read further to find out the reasons why.


Custom Made Mirrors

Mirrors are essential towards creating a home that your family will love, even if you are on a budget. With just the simplicity of its visual element, the mirror expands your area and provides your home a much more open and accepting atmosphere.


Glass Partitions

Glass partitions offer you the enclosure and privacy that you need to create and maintain your own space while keeping the house open. The main issue with dividers and walls is how it limits the visual element of your home, artificially shrinking your space and making it all seem tighter and smaller. Glass partitions provide the best of both worlds: enabling enclosure and privacy while still allowing for an open and accepting home.


Glass Handrails

Glass handrails are the perfect mix of functionality and design. Glass handrails show a level of effort in your building or interior design that raises the value of your area exponentially.

Commercial Glass Solutions


Office Glass Walls

With a simple installation, you can set up an entire system of office glass walls and glass office dividers that will you’re your employees the privacy and personal space that they need to be at their best. You maximize your office space without sacrificing the visual element of your office. With just an easy and affordable system of office glass walls, your open floor office will become equipped with a much more professional vibe, attracting better employees and making current ones happier.


Glass Floors

While some may fear that these are easy to break, glass floors are actually incredibly durable, when they are made right. These days, the demand for glass floors has skyrocketed, as glass floors have become more affordable and also generally much safer than they once were.


Glass Office Doors

Adding glass doors to any space — especially an office — can add tons of value to your area in terms of aesthetics and also design. The functionality of glass doors is unprecedented. Never before has technology allowed us to combine the quality, level, and style that exists in glass doors today, and it all comes at a cost that you can agree with. Adding a system of glass doors to any office can add that WOW factor that you have been looking for, and your employees will look up to your brand and business more than before.

Custom Glass Installation & Repair

Hire us for all your glass installation or repair needs. We have the expertise and experience to take your project from the start to its completion. We have all the necessary tools to produce a perfect job. You can rely on us!

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